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Welcome to Pantelleria! Get ready for a completely fulfilling and regenerating journey through sea and land for both your mind and body. A journey that deserves to be experienced by staying in one of the most representative and characteristic elements of the island: the Dammuso, its excelence stands out amidst the enchanting panorama of Pantelleria, a magnificent legacy – 100% sustainable – of Arabic origins.

We have selected only the most exclusive Dammusi, ideal for a holiday – or a lifetime – in complete harmony with the surrounding elements, views and rhythms. Only authentic and perfectly kept Dammusi, with privileged locations and luxurious décor have been singled out to provide you with beautiful and comfortable residential solutions.

Release the tension and stress by letting yourselves be lulled by the taste of a passito while overlooking a sun setting in the south west, shining over the Tunisian coast of Cap Bon. The island offers you the privilege of being able to lose your sight into the horizon to the point where sea and sky mesh. It offers you a place where you can spend your lazy afternoons under the shade of a porch or in the coolness of a “Pantelleria garden” (structures made of stones to protect the plants from winds and heat). Abitare Pantelleria team’s mission is to make your dream holiday come true.

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6 rooms 12 beds 5 bath
3 rooms 6 beds 3 bath
6 rooms 12 beds 7 bath
4 rooms 8 beds 3 bath
6 rooms 10 beds 5 bath
2 rooms 4 beds 3 bath

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Francesca Giovanna Culoma

I am especially grateful for having been born on Pantelleria, which has marked my own destiny and personality, as wherever I go I carry its volcanic nature within me. Vivacity and vitality are the personal traits that have determined my approach to life and enabled me to transform my career into a passion. I adore welcoming visitors to Pantelleria and bringing the island to life for those who do not know it, in the most authentic way through their discovery of the Dammusi, then by exploring the island inside-out, providing all you could possibly need to make your stay unforgettable. I am also very thankful to the people who have supported me in this choice: my family, my husband, my friends, and those who have seen in me not only a Real Estate Broker but also the desire to share the islands’ beauty on a daily basis. To share with them and explore the unique dimension of the island’s views, history, culture and lifestyle. Firma