Zibibbo, Passito and capers…

Una sola isola, tanti simboli

The caper is the first among these symbols.
The plant of the capers has the same characteristics as the island from is from. Is a tenacious and rough plant that can grow over a rock; it has the most delicate flower that looks like a mini orchid.
The plant has a short woody trunk with branches reaching the ground; the fleshy and oval leaves are dark green. The flower is white, with many rose coloured stamens with violet reflexes. A wonder of nature.

You may find the plants, arranged in lines, all over the island. But the best place is on the southern side of the island, where the weather is particularly hot, only refreshed by the sea breeze.

The farmers choose wisely the seedlings to be planted in the areas that have the most sun exposure: it takes three years in order to reach its peak of production. The capers harvesting- is the bud of the flower the part that is collected- start towards mid-May and continues throughout the end of August in the areas located inland.

During the harvesting season the branches continue to grow and cover themselves with new buds every 8 to 10 days. They are hand-picked, one by one, bent over it; in order to avoid the hottest hours, the harvesting takes place at dawn or at sunset.

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