Thanks to all our fans!


Since last April up to now, you have gone from 761 to 3585. Thank you the appreciation you show for our Dammusi, for our work and our marvelous island. Your are a lot, and for sure you will increase.

Thank you as your comments talks about your love for this unique place, the unforgettable memories of your holidays spent here, and your desire to come here if you haven't been here yet.

Thanks also because we know that this is a real: during all these months we didn't do any direct promotional activity for increasing your number.

Surely, we did the best to pass on the beauty, the flavors and scents of these places.

You have done and are still doing the rest by following us.

Your sharing of the Facebook posts says that lots of you love the underwater activities and our seabeds; it says that your stay in the individual dammusi was really good and you enjoyed the skyline and the sunsets from our pergolas; and all this has taken place in your heart.

Last November, a follower commented our post with the following words: "It's impossible to describe it; you need to go there to see."

This is why we are waiting for you at our Dammusi.

This is the perfect time to reserveyour holidays.

You can contact us at this number: 335 609 1315 or you can email us:

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