Nikà forever

I went to a place that I will never forget, that it will always stay in my heart because is there where I’ve found more than a holiday, I’ve found myself.

The palm trees just near the water and me, there, completely relaxed, just enjoying the magnitude of the perspective, where the blue of the sky mixes together with the blue of the water, separated only by a dark strip of black soil.

The warm and perfumed air during daytime and the lights and parties after the sunset.

The hours spent with my closest friends under the shadow of the terrace, sipping fresh beverages and chatting about the past and planning our future lives.

Siestas that I couldn’t remember in years. The lanterns lighting the outside door as the only element reminding me that I’m not dreaming but that I’m here, in this warm land between Italy and Africa.

Vaulted ceilings with yellow lights lighting up the alcoves. A boost from a land that I will never forget, a place where I sipped every drop of it: a pleasure of having few days off in Paradise at dammuso Nikà.

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