Autumn, a new season for Abitare Pantelleria

Autumn knocks on the door, and like other seasons, even this time of the year deserves a holiday in Pantelleria. Starting September, the island becomes the ideal destination for a quick escape, even for just few days, looking for the rhythm of a place that follows the nature.

Mild and warm colors testify the transformation of the landscape, while the harvesting of the Zibibbo grapes is still on, and it can be tasted throughout the vineries of the island, often made by locals inside the macaseni of the dammuso in where they live.

Autumn in Pantelleria is the season for migration, a unique show for those who love bird-watching. As a matter of fact, the island is a reference point for the routes connecting Africa and Europe, perfect to observe various transiting species.

Impossible to miss the opportunity to have a “Wellness tour” of the island: from the Lake of Venus, with its precious blue and green waters, where the high temperatures create a mud ideal for peeling, to the thermal waters of Cala Gadir, passing through Nikà Cave, with waters reaching 40°C and the suggestive Sataria Cave, a mythological love place for Ulysses and Calypso. Lets not forget the dry sauna of Benikulà, a real natural sauna in where to regenerate thanks to its underground steam.

A thousand- shade season, that deserves to be appreciated having a relaxing holiday in the unique atmosphere that the dammusi from Abitare Pantelleria offers, like Giardino di Rekhale. An oasis of aromas and colors, perfect for those who look for the real taste of Pantelleria, plunged into the quietness of a garden filled with palm trees, Mediterranean forest and vineyards. Is an old dammuso recently refurbished that can host up to 6 people in a very lush and extremely comfortable environment, perfect in every detail. Guessing what is the best thing about this place? Definitely the Pantescan Garden, where to relax hidden from the sun and the wind.

Giardino di rekhale is located in contrada Rekhale, not far from Nikà and its thermal waters. Is a strategic place in Pantelleria from where to reach the natural sauna of Benikulà and Sataria Cave.

Il Giardino di Rekale si trova in contrada Rekhale, a pochissima distanza da Nikà e dalle sue caldissime acque termali. Si tratta di un punto strategico di Pantelleria, da dove è semplice accedere anche alle saune naturali di Benikulà e alla grotta di Sataria.


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