A healthy December in Pantelleria

Feel like having healthy weekend far from the fast rhythm of everyday life? Taking few days off and travel to Pantelleria could be the perfect solution to recharge batteries before the end of the year.

Its during this time of the year that the island shows its inner side, the one that the nature has after the harvesting season, a slow and relaxing rhythm: it’s time to discover the hidden beauties and to live a unique experience of Pantelleria in winter. For those who look for a healthy holiday, there are thermal waters and natural sauna that stud the coastline and the inland that can work as a shelter: on the West side you’ll find Nikà Caves, with thermal water that reach 40°C and, not far away, the legendary Sataria Caves, the romantic spot of Ulysses and Calypso, where you will find spring waters that cure arthritis and reuma. For those who prefer instead the sauna, the suggestive Benikulà Cave, located in contrada Monastero, offers a lava stone seats in where to sit to regenerate thanks to its underground steam.

A magic place where Casa del Vento is located: a perfect mix with nature and architecture, the structure can host up to 12 people (plus 2 more in a double bedroom alcove) in 6 double bedrooms. The special feature of the dammuso is one of the giardino bedrooms, from where to admire the beautiful pantescan garden with a secular citrus tree. The room is made out of an old stable and it still keeps its original ; the entrance has a 1,30meters height, forcing you to bend over as to take a bow to the force and beauty of Nature.

Casa del Vento is a big estate, with different modules, in where to plunge into the silence and the nature, without giving up on comfort, from household appliances to the heating system, Internet access, satellite tv and everyday cleaning service. Not only, upon request, you might have a personal chef, with breakfast service, a personal trainer, a masseuse and two certified guides for walks or trekking. A true healthy and relaxing oasis, perfect to experience Pantelleria even in December.

web: www.abitarepantellleria.com

cell: +39 335 6091315
mail: info@abitarepantelleria.it

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