Pantelleria on a roll

Blue is not only the color of the sea in Pantelleria; it’s also the color of the guide and flag that each year Legambiente e Touring Club award to the best places in Italy. A prestigious ecologist assignment that this year includes Pantelleria, one of the recognized best places for the 2018 Summer.

An unmissable destination, that reaches not only the ecological requests but also the high standards of the services, sustainability and care for the environment that make the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea the best choice for a summer holiday.

Staying in Pantelleria is more than a simple holiday on an island, is a unique experience, discovering more than 50kms of coast, dozens of bays, wonderful sea floors in a gorgeous landscape. And off you still doubt about it you can take a virtual tour to clear your mind

  • Pantelleria is windy place , but usually one side is protected. Is the wind blows from the south, you can go east; vice versa , in case of north wind you can go the west and you can enjoy a day at the se;
  • Sun is very strong! Do not forget a hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water;
  • Do not forget your googles: one of the best things in Pantelleria is found at the bottom of the sea;
  • You will have to discover Pantelleria from the sea: book your boat for a full day.
Starting from Pantelleria city center, follow the road towards Bue Marino, ideal for families with children, with low and neat stones; go on to Punta Karuscia, the perfect spot to admire the sunrising and the continue towards Campobello and Cala Cinque Denti: if you reach it by foot is not really easy, but this bay deserves to be seen by boat, with all the shades of the blue and turquoise like at the Scarpetta di Cenerentola.

Passing Punta Spadillo - where you can find the famous Laghetto delle Ondine, a natural pool filled with sea watering that has the greenest color- you will reach Cala Cottone, so called as in the past it was here where the ships carrying cotton would be filled, you will then reach Gadir, an old harbor where you can admire the old fishing boats and where you can find the thermal pools in a suggestive landscape

An easy-to-reach spot is Punta Kharace, just before Cala Tramontana, where Dietro l’Isola starts, probably the wildest and unpolluted side of Pantelleria. From Fraglione and Cala Levante until the suggestive Elephant Arch, passing Punta del Duce, Punta Formaggio and Scogli del Formaggio, you will reach Martingana, where the coast gets quite high and jagged.

At the lighthouse of Punta Limarsi, one of the few spots of the south cost that can be reached by foot and where you can find a bottom of the sea full of archeological finds.

Starting from the beautiful Balata dei Turchi, go up north. After the amazing cliff of Saltalavecchia and Sciaccazza with their caves, you will reach the famous Nikà, where there are thermal waters that can reach 70°C. Pass Scauri and you will reach Sataria caves, with its mitological atmosphere: is said that here Ulisses met Calypso, with waters that reach 40°C Go on to Suvaki, where the coast gets low and where its safe to go with children and then pass the black rocks of Punta Fram and Cala dell’Alga and then finish at Mursia, very close to the archeological site

Blue, turquoise, green, emerald, clear blue: to each of the colors that Legambiente gives, you can match a spot in Pantelleria.

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