The new harvest in the island: cannabis in Pantelleria

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It’s time to harvest grapes and olives in Pantelleria, and not only. Starting this year, a new surprising crop was added; or better say a coming back after many years of prohibition: Sativa cannabis or “light cannabis”.

The harvesting of cannabis in Pantelleria

A new shade of green was added to the already full chromatic pantescan palette between vineyards, olive trees and capers, with almost one thousand plants that tell us about ancient traditions linked to textile production and that today embraces other uses, from medical use to food industry thourgh recreational use.

This is due the fact that over the last couple of years, some regulations and the incresing interest nationwide have increased - growing of cannabis in Italy is regulated by the DPR 309/1990 (Presidential Decree)- and have given a new boost to the production: this summer we had the first harvest of legal cannabis in Pantelleria. According to Assocanapa (National association for Cannabis Producers), it’s legal to grow a variety of cannabis existing in the European Catalogue of Seeds, following UE regulations and that has less than 0,2% of Thc. It is then possible to grow legal plants and legal cannabis seeds in organic and certified crops, regulated by law.
The person that grows and follows all the proceedings in Pantelleria is Fabio Farina, owner of the first hemp shop, completely dedicated to cannabis. As done for the harvesting of the grapes, for cannabis the plants are picked and dried; then pruned, the trunk trimmed then the plant dies.

How to use legal cannabis in Pantelleria

There are many ways to use it, ranging from aromatic oils and pasta to drinks and food: as a matter of fact, cannabis seeds contain essential amino acids and for this reason they are included at the top of the list of high protein food. Furthermore: buds, clothes and natural material linked to eco building and sustainable architecture. Let’s not forget the important therapeutic use that cannabinoids have and for which reason the Agency for Agriculture of Pantelleria presented a project to underline the benefits for human health by using medical plants.
The growing of hemp has many uses and represents another possibility for the economy and developing of Pantelleria, always in tune with the available resources and aware of the surrounding nature.

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