Holidays in Pantelleria, What a Passion

Who said that on vacation on an island you do nothing and that the days pass lazily? Pantelleria offers several possibilities even for those who just can't surrender to sweet idleness and want to cultivate their passions. From creative writing, to wine tastings, to Pantescan cooking courses and even yoga, the opportunities that the island offers are truly many: let's see them in detail.


How many writers have been inspired by the landscapes they have seen or lived in? Entire novels found their imaginary on the places they are set, often providing atmospheres and suggestions. And Pantelleria is no less: a magical place, where the beauty of nature, the sounds of the sea and the wind, the colors and shades of sunrises and sunsets, the unmistakable shapes of dammusi, the intense scents of the Mediterranean scrub and capers, can become an inexhaustible source to draw not only for well-being but also... for good writing. The journey to Pantelleria can represent in fact a special occasion to undertake a journey of self-discovery, rediscovering the contact with one's deepest part to manifest through the written word.


Pantelleria is both a sea and land island. Devoted to peasant tradition since ever, the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean is known all over the world for some typical products, including Zibibbo grapes: a unique cultivation even in technique - the so-called tree-vine -, so characteristic and particular as to have been named by UNESCO as World Heritage. From Zibibbo grapes comes one of Pantescan great prides: the Passito di Pantelleria, a sweet and aromatic wine, an unmissable after-dinner to enjoy perhaps looking at the starry sky from the terrace of a dammuso. Result of a millennia-old tradition, the Passito, together with Zibibbo grape wines, is worth one or more visits to the island's wineries, with the possibility not only to participate in themed tastings, but also in actual courses to learn secrets and techniques from sommeliers.


Couscous, sciakisciuka, baci panteschi. And still: salads and dishes with capers, bitter ravioli, fish. The cuisine of Pantelleria is a dimension that expresses the deeply Mediterranean soul of the Island, suspended between Sicilian traditions and Maghrebi influences, and that combines sea and land, fish and vegetable products. Dishes with intense scents and flavors, recipes that are worth taking home with you: there are several restaurants and entities that offer the opportunity to learn how to cook the typical dishes of Pantelleria and transform your kitchen into that of a dammuso.


Pantelleria is an island that naturally invites relaxation and meditation, to let go of worries and thoughts to make room for peace and tranquility. Imagine being in the garden of a dammuso, surrounded only by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, light years away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ideal place to try Yoga, a discipline that helps to increase one's physical and mental well-being: on the island, some hotels and professional instructors offer some dedicated courses, perfect not only for increasing flexibility and awareness of one's body, but also for regaining concentration, calm, and self-awareness. In short, everything you ask for in a vacation.

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