Easy to Reach, Perfect for Isolating: YOUR 2020 HOLIDAY IS IN PANTELLERIA

Easter is just around the corner, and summer is not far behind... the desire for vacation and to disconnect from everything is starting to become stronger, leaving behind stress and worries. Pantelleria once again proves to be the perfect destination, at any time of the year and at any moment: reachable in an hour by plane or at most with a night on the ferry, it is still distant enough to allow for a vacation in close contact with nature, away from everything and everyone, but always with the utmost comfort at your disposal.

Whether you choose the west side with its fiery sunsets and the sky so clear that you can catch a glimpse of Africa, or the east side with its countless coves to discover, Pantelleria will give you a solid certainty: there will always be a dammuso to welcome you. The typical and unique architecture that characterizes the island is an incredible example of balance between landscapes and constructions, making the house not only a place to stay, but also a place to live in harmony with nature.
Immersed in lush Mediterranean gardens, often with a breathtaking view of the sea, the dammusi are perfect spaces to relax, sunbathe, read a good book, surrounded only by the sound of the wind and the scent of the sea. Not only that: many of them are equipped with a swimming pool, the ideal solution for those who do not want to go out but still want to take a dip.

With a perimeter of over 50 km, Pantelleria is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, characterized by numerous and unmissable natural beauties. Let's see some of them.

Thermal waters
The volcanic nature of the island is revealed in the many springs and thermal waters that characterize the territory: one above all, the famous Specchio di Venere, a charming blue-green gem where the high-temperature waters create a clay to be used for real peeling; the natural pools of cala Gadir; the caves of Nikä and Sataria, on the western side of Pantelleria, both characterized by healing waters: what could be better than a restorative bath while watching the sun plunge into the sea? Finally, for those who do not want water, here are the vapors of the Benikulà cave, to be enjoyed while gazing at the Monastero plain all the way to the horizon of the sea.

The sea of Pantelleria
A vast territory where it is almost impossible to find a crowded place or not be able to isolate oneself: the coast of Pantelleria is characterized by numerous coves and bays, and many other suggestive sea points accessible only by boat. Just to name a few: the Bue Marino, Karuscia, Kattibuhale, Cala Cinque Denti, Cala Cottone, the pond of the Ondine, the Glass Slipper of Cinderella, Cala Gadir, Cala Levante, Cala Tramontana, the arch of the Elephant; and still the small rocks of Formaggio, Martingana, and Balata dei Turchi, up to the southernmost point of Punta Li Marsi, to go back along the west slope with Nikà, Scauri, Sataria, Mursia, Suvaki, and Punta Fram. There is only the embarrassment of choice, remembering to always bring rock shoes and that many places, even if not sandy, are easily accessible.

The territory
For those who do not feel like going to the sea, the numerous paths that run through Pantelleria allow trekking and long bike rides. Honorable mention to Montagna Grande: now a National Park, the mountain overlooks the Island landscape and is a place to discover for the natural wonders that characterize it.

The Pantelleria cuisine
After the sea and walks, it's time to sit at the table in front of a more than inviting menu. Not to be missed are the Pantelleria cous cous, based on fish; the capers, pride of the island, to be enjoyed in salads, appetizers, and typical dishes; the sciaki sciuka, with seasonal and zero-km vegetables; the ravioli stuffed with ricotta and mint, and to conclude with sweetness, the irresistible Pantelleria kisses, accompanied by a good glass of Passito, the other great glory of the Black Pearl.

The suitcase is already packed, isn't it?

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