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Emotional Text
I'll tell you about the time I felt a great emotion…

The trip to Pantelleria was full of emotions.

It's an island rich in beautiful landscapes full of greenery, but not only that, it's also famous for the sea.

As our first stop, we went to the Elephant Arch: a beautiful stone structure. When I approached it, it felt like I was petting a real animal, and it was a fantastic experience. Continuing, we arrived at the Lake of Venus. It looked like a painter had dipped their brush into a faint blue watercolor. The water was boiling, and its bottom was covered in clay. So, in just a few minutes, I was covered in clay. When I washed it off, I felt a sense of freedom.

Then we went to a wine house because, as I said before, Pantelleria is full of vegetation, including grapes. On a wall, there were old, rusty, and strange machines for making wine. So a pretty, blonde lady led us on a path full of fragrant herbs such as basil, parsley, and lemongrass. Nearby, there was a candle that served to emit an intoxicating scent that almost made me dizzy.

We arrived at a gate, and upon entering, we saw a cell called the Arab Garden. We passed through a door about as high as me. Inside, there was a mandarin tree over five hundred years old. It was still thriving, and when I tasted a mandarin, I felt more energized than ever. Its taste was sour but energizing, and its scent led me to memories of childhood in my grandfather's countryside. On the sides, there were very small vines, and when I walked near them, I felt like the giant Goliath.

A few days later, we returned home, and I was proud of the vacation.
I believe that this trip was the most evocative of those I've taken: the thought of it moves me and sometimes makes me tear up.

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