The best service and the widest international visibility forsale and rental of prestigious dammusi in the housing sector. This is the promise made byAbitare Pantelleria s.a.s., a brand operating on the house trading, seat in Pantelleria, opened in January 2010. the brand has recently widen its visibility on the web. A society which to a strong knowledge of the place and to customized advice services combines technological innovation in order to better propose itself in the promotion channels of new economy.

Abitare Pantelleria s.r.l

Registered office

Contrada Cufurà
91017 Pantelleria (TP)

sales department

Dario Pace
tel: +39 335 6091315

administrative staff

Giovanna Francesca Culoma
tel: +39 338 4419865

information technology manager

Alfredo Pontillo
tel: +39 392 6936659

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