1. TERMS OF BOOKING: the booking shall be done through the agency Abitare Pantelleria s.a.s., legal address in Via C. Colombo, 28 Pantelleria.
    • Telephone booking number: 0039 3356091315;
    • Customer service number; 0039 3384419865;
    • Website:;
    • E-mail: – –;

  2. METHODS OF PAYMENT: when booking, the client will be charged 30% of the total amount as a deposit as stated in our booking form. The remaining 70% shall be paid 30 days in advance, prior to the starting day of the holiday through bank transfer. For some of our properties the terms of payment are set by the owners of the property and can be different for the deposit and the remaining quote. These differences are stated in the booking form.

  3. ARRIVAL- DEPARTURE AND DEPOSIT FEE: the arrival time is scheduled at 16:00 hours on the arrival day and the departure is scheduled at 10:00 hours on the last day. Depending on the arrival time in Pantelleria, the Agency will try to do its best to arrange an earlier arrival time at the Dammuso. All the delays shall be reported to the Agency through the following phone number: 0039 3384419865, otherwise the booking shall cease at 16:00 on the day following the originally scheduled arrival date unless otherwise agreed with the agency. The deposit shall be done with credit card. A pre-authorisation might be asked for the same amount of the deposit. The amount of the deposit, to be paid or pre-authorised on the arrival day, is stated in our booking form. The refund of the deposit is due within 7 days prior to a check of the property;

  4. CHANGE OF PROPERTY If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible to stay in the house assigned to the reservation, the Agency will/shall, by agreement between the parties, assign a similar or better house guaranteeing the customer the same tariff previously agreed. The causes that can lead to a change of the house are as follows: serious damage to electrical and plumbing systems that need an immediate repair, acts of vandalism reported to law enforcement agencies in need of expertise, serious damage to windows or fixtures that need an immediate repair, or any other cause of which the Agency is not responsible for;

  5. CANCELLATION: IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION OF THE BOOKING YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF THE DEPOSITAND YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY: 50% of the rental cost if the cancellation is made beyond the thirtieth day before the arrival date; 80% of the rental cost if the cancellation is made beyond the fifteenth day before the arrival date; 100% in case of missed notice or cancellation after the seventh day before the arrival date. There is no refund in case of early departure or late arrival;

    • The property undertakes not to violate the privacy of the client or its guests and to access the premises only in case of emergency. However, the agency can make the necessary checks to the premises, in the customer’s presence, in order to check the proper care;
    • The Dammuso is delivered in perfect conditions and the client shall check upon arrival the functioning and conditions of the premises and report within 24 hours any claim;
    • The client and its guest are responsible of the house and shall be very careful not to incur in domestic accidents (Art. 2051 of the C.C.) of which the property is not responsible for. Furthermore, the client shall report promptly any malfunctioning in the property such as plumbing or electrical failures. Otherwise any damage caused to third parties will be imputed to the client (Art. 1577 of the C. C.);
    • The number of guests of the dammuso shall not be higher than that indicated in the lease and a sublease is forbidden;
    • The acceptance of domestic animals shall be previously agreed with Abitare Pantelleria.
  7. INFORMATION: The present terms and conditions are a part of the booking form that the client can download from the link given when booking is confirmed. The present terms and conditions are published on our website; the client will not be able to complain to the Agency if is not aware of these terms and conditons.