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The data controller is the company Abitare Pantelleria s.r.l, P.IVA 02818250819, based in Contrada Cufurà - 91017, Pantelleria (TP) and can be contacted by e-mail at
During navigation, the website acquires the necessary information to allow a correct and safe browsing experience, such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, and any other technical information implied in the use of Internet communication protocols.

Cookies. Our website uses cookies to ensure proper use of the website and to improve the user experience. This Policy provides information about the types of cookies used, the purposes and the methods of use limited to this website.

What are cookies? The Provision of the Guarantor Authority for the Protection of Personal Data regarding cookies d.d. 8 May 2014 defines cookies as "small strings of text that the sites visited by the user send to his terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored and then transmitted to the same sites the next time the same user visits. While browsing a site, the user can also receive cookies on his terminal that are sent from different websites or web servers (c.d. "third parties"), on which some elements may reside (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) on the site that the same is visiting".
Cookies can be used for various purposes such as, for example, to perform computer authentication, storage of information related to configurations of machines that access the server, favorite websites etc. The following will explain the different types of cookies used by our website.

Types of Cookies
Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those cookies that are essential for proper navigation on the web page, stored only for the duration of navigation.
Analytical cookies: are cookies used to monitor the number of visits and the use of the web page at a statistical level, based on aggregate information. Example: "Google Analytics".
Profiling cookies: profiling cookies are used to lead to specific, identified or identifiable subjects, specific recurrent actions or behavioural patterns in the use of the offered features so that it is possible to modulate the provision of the service in an increasingly personalized way and to send targeted advertising messages, in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of web browsing.
Third-party cookies that are created by other sites: the latter are owners of some of the content, such as ads or images, that are displayed on the web page you visit.

Cookies used by our site
Below is the list of cookies used by the website:

The site uses technical and analytical cookies as well as profiling cookies and third parties.

Banner on first access. The banner that appears on the web page at first access provides the user with essential information about the management of cookies on the site, referring to the complete privacy policy.
Except for technical cookies or those cookies essential for proper navigation on the web page which are stored only for the duration of navigation, the user can express their consent to the use of cookies through a special button on the banner.

How to disable Cookies? Here are the links to the main browsers to modify the choices made by the user at first access, regarding cookies:

This policy may be subject to additions and amendments in the event of regulatory updates by the Data Controller.