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2 rooms 4 beds 2 bath

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Having a holiday on an island means sunshine, water, wind and saltiness. In other words, the best way to experience a sea-based holiday is on a boat in Pantelleria. With its almost 80 kms of coastline, each one different from each other, but all of them unmissable, with the chance to discover caves and bays reachable by foot; the unpolluted sea bead is the perfect excuse to dive; there are several harbours and docks, in the Western like in the Eastern sides of the island; its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, that allows to be a base point to reach the Sicilian coast , Lampedusa, Egadi islands and even Tunisia. A unique experience that can be tasted with Mea Mazu, an elegant and comfortable cabin cruiser, that can host up to 4 people in two double bedrooms, furthermore there’s a sofa-bed for 2 people. A real dammuso in the sea that has all the comforts and perfect to discover every corner of the island.

Apart from the double bedrooms, the Mea Mazu has a comfortable external living area with a dining table, a kitchen and two bathrooms. The external area has two wide solarium areas, on the aft on the forward. Here there is also another dining area, perfect for a cocktail or a lunch in the middle of the sea. All the areas are very well refined and perfectly furnished.

It’s a complete relaxed holiday: there’s a full ship’s crew, composed by the captain and a a skipper that also prepares breakfast, maintains the boat and keeps the rooms cleaned. Lunch and dinner are on demand: a way to allow the guest to choose between on board meal or the freedom to tatste the local cusine in the many restaurants of the island.

It is possible to navigate up to 30 miles each day and after that there’s a supplement that has to be agreed. The boat is avaiable for a single night rent and should the weather conditions be severe, a personalised outdoor excursion will be organised to compensate.


The answer could be very easy: everywhere. But to narrow the range of choices, there are many famous sposts to be reached, here are the most famous ones:

North East Side

• Bue Marino

• Karuscia

• Campobello

• Punta Karace

• Khattibuale

• Cala Cinque Denti

• Punta Gattara

• Punta Spadillo

• Cala Cottone

• Laghetto delle Ondine e Scarpetta di Cenerentola

Eastern side

• Cala Gadir

• Cala Tramontana

• Cala Levante

• Arco dell'Elefante

• Il Faraglione

Southern side

• Martingana

• Balata dei Turchi

• Punta Li Marsi

Western side

• Nikà

• Scauri

• Satarìa

• Suvaki

• Punta Fram

• Mursia



  • hairdryer
  • satellite tv
  • Speaker Bluetooth
  • air conditioning
  • microwave oven
  • outdoor shower
  • covered terrace
  • bath towels
  • swimming pool towel
  • pets allowed
  • laundry service


  • Utilities consumption
  • One way transfer
  • Daily cleaning