type: residential
550.000 cut-down price

Experience the enchantment of Benikulà, where history merges with nature.

The Benikulà dammuso is nestled at an altitude of 320 meters in the picturesque district of Firisciakki, whose name derives from the Arabic word Firsàkh, meaning "big stone," referring to the imposing rocks that characterize this area. This marvelous property overlooks the majestic Monastery Valley, with a view facing the Tunisian African coast. The privileged southwest exposure offers breathtaking sunsets, painting the sky with shimmering colors. The property comprises three typical local dammusi dwellings and a spacious 1195 square meter garden.

The garden is developed on three levels: a central entrance road, an upper-level garden on the right, and a lower-level garden. This corner of paradise is enriched by the presence of majestic trees, including pine, acacia, olive, and false pepper, as well as a variety of plants such as euphorbia and enchanting flowers like bougainvillea and bignonia.

The property also boasts an "aire," a characteristic structure made of tuff and lime, which was traditionally used by farmers to dry Pantelleria grapes, the same vine cultivated in the alberello method recognized as a UNESCO heritage.

All the walls are built following the ancient dry stone technique, providing a touch of authenticity and tradition.

An outdoor bathroom offers the opportunity to relax with hot and cold water, equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet. The outdoor kitchen area features a marble countertop, ready for an electric stove, complemented by a sink and a small stone barbecue.

The main dammuso, Dammuso 1, features a delightful terrace covered by a wooden and bamboo roof, adorned with "ducchene" (stone seats) that define the terrace, creating an ideal space for soft cushions and moments of relaxation. The living area includes a kitchen and a lounge, while the sleeping area offers a loft with the first alcove containing a double bed, a walk-in closet beneath the loft, another alcove with a single bed, a niche wardrobe, and a bathroom. The lofted master bedroom overlooks a small 55-square-meter garden with succulent plants and an outdoor shower. Dammuso 2: double bedroom and bathroom, located in the upper garden. Dammuso 3: double bedroom and bathroom, located next to Dammuso 1.


House details

  • type: residential
  • condition: livable
  • gross surface: 150 mq
  • belonging land: 1.195 mq
  • N. of rooms: 0
  • rooms: 3
  • bathrooms: 3
  • energy efficiency class: C (DL192 del 19-08-05)
  • ancillary rooms: 1
  • undercovered terraces: yes
  • covered terraces: yes
  • air conditioning: yes