Le dracene

type: residential
550.000 cut-down price

Dracaenas: Where the garden becomes poetry and the plants tell tales.

Located on the western side of the island, this property is like a jewel nestled between the waves of the sea and the sky painted in a thousand shades. Its position makes it not only convenient for accessing services but also a serene refuge to explore the wonders the island offers.

Comprising three buildings, the first, the beating heart of this residence, is an ancient dammuso that encapsulates the history and soul of the island itself. With its six rooms, it offers generous and welcoming spaces: a vast and luminous living room, a kitchen redolent of tradition and authentic flavors, a study where thoughts take shape, and finally, the spacious and inviting bedroom and bathroom. The two dependencies offer intimate retreats and outdoor spaces from which to admire the sea disappearing into the horizon. Each dependency has its secret garden, an oasis of peace and tranquility where the scent of succulents and the song of birds enchant the senses.

The garden and terraces, tended with love and dedication, are an invitation to lose oneself in the colors and scents of nature. Each corner is a surprise, a masterpiece of beauty that renews itself with the changing seasons. Here, among the blossoming flowers and blending colors, time seems to stand still, allowing one to fully savor the magic of this place steeped in history and ancient legends.

Thanks to careful and respectful restoration, the residence retains its bond with the past intact, transporting anyone who sets foot within on a journey through time, among ancient memories and future dreams. In every stone, in every corner, a fragment of the past lies ready to tell its secret to anyone with ears to listen and eyes to see.


House details

  • type: residential
  • condition: livable
  • gross surface: 200 mq
  • belonging land: 1.200 mq
  • N. of rooms: 9
  • rooms: 4
  • bathrooms: 3
  • energy efficiency class: non classificabile
  • ancillary rooms: 1
  • undercovered terraces: yes
  • covered terraces: yes
  • heating: yes