Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Pantelleria is also called the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, its volcanic origin being the font of its colour. Black provides a contrasting backdrop to the luxuriant vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis, the vineyards, plantations and the Montagna Grande Natural Reserve, the white flowers of the caper bushes, the roofs of the dammusi, the turquoise sea, the colourful bougainvillea scattered across the island.

A place where the panoramic views recall nearby Africa (Cap Bon is only 70 km away, whereas Sicily is 110 km), but also resemble those typical of more continental countries to be admired from the top of Montagna Grande. Being 83, it is considered the 5th largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, to be discovered firstly from its coastlines connecting the 5 residential areas: Pantelleria Centro, Khamma on the eastern side and immediately after Tracino, Scauri and Rekhale on the western side.

Pantelleria at first glance seems harsh, but it soon reveals all its sweetness in the wealth of natural heritage that grows and is cultivated amidst terracing and drystone walls. The views are characterized by a succession of rustic stone and green plantations. It has thousands of facets including its coastlines that alternate from being low and flat (balate), or covered in pebbles, and those that are steeper and indented. The island’s beautiful wilderness would definitely enchant you from sea while discovering it by boat.

An island of the sea that always looks to its land: the volcano has in fact gifted the island with fascinating places just waiting to be explored. Your trip could start from the fumaroles of Fossa del Russo in Contrada Rekhale, to the thermal waters of Gadir, continuing towards the Grotta di Sateria (called also the cave of Calipso), and further for a soothing dry bath in the natural spas of Benikulà and Nikà, to then finish at the Specchio di Venere (the Mirror of Venus), where you can wallow in the mud baths of the quadareddri.

Montagna Grande will captivate your gaze from wherever you are. It is an enchanting place, which has become a natural reserve, where the highest temperatures retreat leaving space for refreshingly cool shady spots. There you can let yourself be enraptured by the scent of maritime pines and Aleppo pine trees, together with breath-taking views admired from an altitude of 836 m. Do not forget that Pantelleria is the Daughter of the Winds: carrying the desert’s scents with the scirocco coming from the south-east, or the saltiness and humidity of the mistral blowing from north-west. Nothing is left to chance: Pantelleria is a crossroad of currents that determine its mild climate, ideal for a dreamlike holiday all year round.

From sea to land, water to sky, a treasure chest of breathtaking beauty waiting to be discovered.