Each season has its reasons for a holiday in Pantelleria, to discovers the pace of an island that has always followed the pace of nature. Whoever thinks that Pantelleria is to be lived only in Summer will have to change their mind, as every day of the year there is always a reason to live it fully.

Starting from September, when sunlight becomes more oblique and gives its way to milder temperature. This is the harvest period, with the harvest of Muscatgrapes, but it is also the starting of migrations, an not to be missed view for birdwatching enthusiasts. Autumn is a mild and relaxing season, that makes you feel like having unforgettable swims without the summer crowd, taking walks and excursions, participating in the olive harvesting. When the first cold arrives, you could go mushrooming or hunting.

Winter in Pantelleriahas a pace even slower, where the few hours of sunlight give the need of a soft forced rest. Between storms and days in which the clean air makes you see sharp contours of African coasts, Pantelleria people live a season amid the oldest traditions, with the famous Carnival, lasting eight weeks it expresses the link among the districts and the wish of festival and conviviality. It is also the best period for enjoying the thermae or the natural saunas, or for tasting the new wines of the season.

Spring is the time of reawakeningo: Pantelleria becomes tinged with the yellow of Spanish brooms, the bright green of vines and capers that start budding, to be harvested at the end of May. And more: imposing flowering among the dry low walls, the first warmth, the walks among the fields and the archaeological sites, and, if the temperatures allow it, also the first privileged bathe.

Summer is the season par excellence on the island. you can take your pick among boating trips, days spent in caves and coves, happy hours at sunset, diving, and many event like open wineries. Let yourself be enraptured by an entire year long charm.