Terms of cancellation regarding the pandemic virus (COVID-19)

On the 11th of March 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared virus COVID19 pandemic on a planetary scale. Since then the situation has changed and quickly widespread, the governments have taken action in order to control the spread.

In order to protect our clients and put them in the condition of making comfortably  reservation we have updated our rules for cancellation

  1. Cancellation policy in case of objective impossibility.
    The reservations and check in made during the Italian government restrictions related to the covid19 and that cannot be made will be totally refunded. The guest that will send their cancellation will be totally refunded. Cancellations can be made also by the owners of the houses and there will be no penalties. Furthermore, Abitare Pantelleria will refund all the costs incurred to the guests and the owners.

  2. Cancellation policy in case of subjective impossibility.
    Reservations where obstacles that can be documented, such as:

    • the guest or the host have contracted the corona virus (COVID19);
    • transport cancellations; there will be information on your home country;
    • there are sanitary conditions;
    • there other dispositions in your home country;

    there will be a voucher for the same amount paid for a new holiday valid through 30/10/2023. Furthermore, the names on the vouchers can be also changed with any extra charge.

  3. Normal cancellation policy, generally applied.
    Our new therms of cancellation are made to protect our guests and owners of the houses that can incur into unexpected conditions after the reservation was made following the declaration of a worldwide spread virus by the World Health Organisation. While making the reservation please take a good look at our terms of cancellation.