what to do

There are so many things to see and do on Pantelleria. There is so much going on that each and every “islander” or “guest” can make their own personal list of “not to be missed” activities, considering that every experience leaves unique emotions and memories to treasure for ever. By land or sea, be it summer or winter, Pantelleria is always the ideal destination.

Let us start from the sea, travelling along the coastline you will come across hidden coves and spots where the temptation of diving into the turquoise waters is irresistible. You can also go for a boat ride, enjoy the views of outstanding beauty or engage in recreational fishing (called “pescaturismo” in Italy). To get a more intimate feel for the island you could go kayaking through enchanting waterways that run inland. You might instead opt to go snorkelling to experience some of the world's best underwater marine life just a few feet from the surface, dipping into uncontaminated waters and immerse yourself in an aquatic experience discovering archaeological artefacts dating back to the numerous populations that have passed through the island.

Wherever you are on Pantelleria, you will always find there is something you still need to see or do, meaning that all your time will not be spent at the beach. You could take part in a number of excursions throughout the reserve on a mountain-bike, on foot or on horseback along the more than 100 km of woodland paths. Routes have been selected and categorised according to age and difficulty, also strategically picked to give “guests” a breathe of not only Pantelleria’s unique wildlife but also of its historical-cultural past and present.

During the summer and autumn seasons you can participate in the capers, olives and Zibibbo grape harvesting, or visit wine and agricultural production centres to learn about all the post-harvesting stages as well as getting to taste these fine products. Other activities include: archaeological excursions, mini-tours to discover secret and enchanting places rich in natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Impossible to even think of leaving Pantelleria without having experienced its slow rhythms of life, having admired its contrasts of light and colours, delving into the perfumes of the Mediterranean vegetation and understood the island’s bitter-sweetness.