Abitare Pantelleria (Living on Pantelleria) came about through the shared passion of Giovanna Francesca Culoma, a truly authentic Pantellerian, and Dario Pace, an entrepreneur from Brescia who fell in love with the island.

From their union originates a business that is far more than a simple Real Estate or Mediation Agency: Abitare Pantelleria offers a doorway into the truly original Lifestyle of the island, through a selection of – more than 80 – luxurious Dammusi (the typical Pantellerian houses). The selection includes only authentic structures of the highest quality that have been enhanced with enchanting external features such as panoramic pools, breath taking settings and splendid internal décor aimed at  catering to your varied personal tastes and desires.

You can choose to book your weekly stay or invest in a lifetime experience by buying your own Dammuso through Abitare Pantelleria. We are specialised in making your dreams come true and transforming reality into dreams.