A week under a starry sky!

Starting this week, we propose some comments that some regular customers have left us at the end of their stay in our dammusi. We think this is the most effective way to make you look forward to the splendor which will rock you during a holiday with us. Enjoy the reading!

An Unforgettable week! We reserved in January not to miss the opportunity, and we left in June.

We were a small group with big hopes, as we had seen the pictures of the dammusi, but none of us had ever been in Pantelleria, and none of us knew these curious rural houses.

Both the pictures and what we read were take-breathing, enough to convince us to make a call to receive some information. Dario explained everything with all those details which can provide only a person that knows and loves the place. Dario explained immediately that Pantelleria is an island, but is an island of ground. Unlike the inhabitants of the other islands, Pantelleria people don't live on fishing. Pantelleria people use boats the bare minimum to fish the personal catch. It is an island of closed people, but at the same time they are very helpful. Once we arrived, we realized that reality was well past the pictures and the collected information. The aspect we all still remember today is the speachless beauty of the sky in the night. In Pantelleria there isn't the dust that pollutes our cities, there is no fog, and on some nights, lying under the sky, you really get the impression that the Great Bear could fall at any moment on your head; one gets the impression that the sky arrives to the ground enough to feel your heart rising up: a priceless feeling of silence, immensity and smallness of our individual lives. (Davide)

If you too want to live (or live again) the experience of an unforgettable holiday in Pantelleria contact us immediately!

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