An all seasons island

Climate in Pantelleria

Thanks to its Montagna Grande (Big Mountain) with 836 mts height and thanks to its hills (45) that reach 559mts at Cuddia Attarola and 700mts at Mount Gibele, Pantelleria has unique micro-climates; a very different and peculiar feature from other islands of the Channel of Sicily. Micro-climates create thorough the small valleys and its inhabitants know them very well; they use them to grow their crops and to anticipate the harvesting: for example, the difference between the ripening of the same Zibibbo grape in contrada Martingana and in contrada Sibá is 30 days.

The Island of the Wind

By looking at the statistics of the forecast, is obvious that in Pantelleria the wind is present almost the whole year around. Through the centuries, locals have managed to develop any sort of way to adapt to these climate features. The olive trees in Pantelleria almost crawl to the ground and they are not more than a meter and a half high (even if some of them are there since centuries ago). The Zibibbo trees are trimmed in order to look like bushes and are planted in lines in basins that protect them. The citrus fruit trees are preserved by stone walls (Giardini Panteschi) and the country houses (Dammusi) are built with walls reaching over a meter width, giving a permanent temperature during summer and during winter.

Another peculiar feature of the island is that no matter how windy, you will always find a protected place. If the wind comes from the North- West, just reach a hidden spot in order to find a different climate (Cala Tramontana, Martingana, Dietro l’Isola or even the Ghirlanda Plain). If the wind comes from the South-East, find a spot from Bue Marino to Mursia, Suvaki and Scauri’s harbour that for sure will offer wind-free conditions.

Temperatures are pleasant during all the seasons.

Even in autumn, winter and spring; even when the temperature lowers than usual.

If you take a look at the average temperatures, you can easily guess that the island offers a mild climate the whole year around.
Furthermore, even when the temperatures lower than usual, the volcanic ground, black and blessed by distinctive thermal properties, releases the heat accumulated during warmer times.

If you reach a safe spot you can perceive the difference of this slow transfer of the heat. This gives a permanent positive difference between the temperature measured by the weather forecasts and the one perceived by locals and tourists even during winter, autumn or spring. Everyone in Pantelleria can find the perfect weather to enjoy, any time of the year.

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