Pantelleria: naturally relaxing!

The journey of Tommaso "Tommy" Pizzamiglio, the Italian director who is exploring the hidden wonders of the beautiful country, continues. An itinerary through the "grand beauty" that also included Pantelleria among its destinations.

Amidst natural saunas and thermal pools, an open-air spa

The island seen through the eyes of a first-timer, the island experienced as something new, an exciting experience. After the first "taste," which included discovering the typical dishes of Pantelleria, Tommy continues his holiday in Pantelleria, highlighting one of the most fascinating aspects of the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean: its natural inclination towards well-being. A true "open-air spa," as demonstrated by the 4 places visited throughout a day dedicated to relaxation and self-care, immersed in a practically untouched setting.

Accompanied by his loyal companion Pietro, Tommy begins his "spa day" by ascending the Montagna Grande, along trails that lead to a 360-degree panorama of the Mediterranean. The reward for such effort awaits at the Kuddia Mida: a natural sauna to be enjoyed amidst the island's woods, with the scent of maritime pines and Aleppo pines, where vapours rise from the earth, making this place even more enchanting during winter.

The tour continues in one of Pantelleria's oldest and most mysterious districts: Sibà, with the famous Grotta di Benikulà. Here too, the island offers its adventurers the luxury of a natural sauna with a view.

After the steam and dry baths, Pantelleria's volcanic nature reveals itself in its waters as well: therefore, a visit to the pools of Gadir is essential to enjoy a "high-temperature" bath (between 39 and 50 degrees), while admiring the boundless horizon of the sea on one side and the terraced vineyards on the other.

After a break at Le Cale, one of the best restaurants on the island, Tommy's wellness journey concludes with what he himself defines as the "cherry on top": the Specchio di Venere (Mirror of Venus). A lake within an island within the sea, where the characteristics of "quadareddi" allow for rejuvenating mud baths, in a unique landscape of atmosphere and colours. How can one resist the merging of emerald green and turquoise with the blue of the sky?

A well-being stay: the Dammuso Zen

But too much relaxation also tires, and at the end of the day, it's nice to return home, especially when it's a wonderful "dammuso" that Abitare Pantelleria has made available to the director: the Dammuso Zen, a perfect example of Pantelleria architecture, fully integrated with the surrounding landscape, where the luxury of continuous contact with nature is combined with every possible comfort. A dip in the infinity pool with a sea view, an aperitif at sunset in the outdoor living area, the well-being in the indoor hot tub, and relaxation in the spacious living room with a projector.

And it is here that we find Tommy after a rejuvenating sleep, realizing that in Pantelleria, even when awake, the dream continues.

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