The 'Bacio Pantesco' (Pantescan Kiss)

The Bacio Pantesco is one of the tastiest traditional sweet of Pantelleria. Like a hug and a real passionate kiss, it will drag you into an explosion of aromas and perfumes.

The Bacio Pantesco is a sort of fried waffle filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. Its preparation is quite unusual. You’ll need, without any doubt, a tool: an aluminium mould representing a capitulum of a flower.

You’ll need, above all, fresh and genuine ingredients, like the ones found in Pantelleria.

For the filling:

• 300 gr di ricotta cheese;
• chocolate chips;
• 1 tbsp sugar;
• cinnamon.

To prepare the “scorce” (fried waffles) you’ll need:

• 2 eggs;
• 120 gr milk;
• 150 gr flour;
• 2 gr brewer’s yeast;
• sunflower oil;
• icing sugar.


For the filling: pour ricotta cheese into a bowl, add sugar and mix; add chocolate chips and cinnamon depending on your taste. Mix thoroughly, cover and put in the fridge.

For the batter: beat the eggs, then add milk, flour and brewer’s yeast; mix until you obtain a smooth dough. Take the mould and fry the pasta making sure not to overflow it, by submerging it in frying sunflower oil; lay them on absorbing paper and fill them with ricotta cheese; dust with icing sugar.

(Drawn from:

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