Gadir’s baths and the Laghetto delle Ondine (Ondine swimming hole)

Gadir’s Baths

Gadir (meaning hidden place) is one of the many fascinating places of Pantelleria. Is not a real spa, the baths are at the open air and are free of charge. Apart from the thermal waters, it’s worth going to Gadir to see the seabed, a perfect place for snorkelling and diving.

The therapeutic benefits of these waters are known since thousands of years. Above all, they cure arthrosis and rheumatism. A common alga grows over the walls of the pools and it’s known for its effects for curing sinusitis, colds and small breathing problems.

The temperature of the water goes from a minimum of 39*C to a maximum of 50*C. It’s sweet but contains many mineral salts; falls from the top to the sea and fills up pools dug in the lava stones in where to plunge.

The pools are easily reached and have different sizes. The smaller ones fit just one person at a time. The water is extremely hot so it’s wise to enter slowly. The bigger ones are pools, with a maximum depth of 70cmts, which makes it ideal for kids and to learn how to swim.

You will have a breath taking view over the open sea on one side, and on the other side the typical terraces of Zibbibo grapes crops.

The Laghetto delle Ondine

The Laghetto delle Ondine is a salty lake, fed by the sea water. It can be reached either by sea or by foot, from Punta Spadillo.

The water is collected in a small pool made of lava flow; the waves of the sea fill it up and form a small emerald-coloured water mirror. In order to reach it by foot, you have to first see the lighthouse and follow a small path at the left until you reach some abandoned houses. At this point follow the path until you reach the casemate, near the white one there’s a path with dry stone walls on its sides that leads directly into the small lake.

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