Pantelleria from the sea

“Be advised that is going to be a gala event; those who leave Pantelleria without having seen it from the sea cannot say that knows it, as it hasn’t admired the most amazing scenario: the coast and its caves. In this show, the coast is not the main character; it’s hard that in a play there’s only one character, it will be a tedious monologue. Besides the coast, there’s another character, the hinterland, made out of mountains, hills, cuddie, valleys, green fields, black lava expanses, of villages that resemble a nativity scene… fairy tale-like somehow, that breaks into the scene demanding its part. During all your staying you will assist at this seduction game between these actors that try to overcome each other, to exclude one another form the scene, fortunately succeeding in it”

(From: Angelo D’Aietti – Il libro dell’Isola di Pantelleria part IV – chapter VII – pag. 419/420)

Pantelleria is the Black Pearl and from the sea you can really appreciate 100% this fascinating definition.
The volcanic stones of Pantelleria are more uniform and solid than common lava, they have a colour that in fashion is called “smoky London”; the iron present in it (the most common mineral component of Pantelleria stones) leaves beautiful signs on top of them.

Going back to the metaphor of the actors that try to overcome each other, when the coastline is lower the hinterland takes the scene, when the coastline gets higher the hinterland succumbs and becomes a mere appearance.

The main character becomes the coastline, with its spires, pinnacles, lava laces, staggering drop-offs, scary cliffs, colourful palates and last its wonderful caves…

So the advice is to have a boat tour of the island in order to reach the hidden and inaccessible-by-foot spots and discover the true sea of Pantelleria.

You can rent a dinghy, a kayak or a motor boat… and some suggest that you can “yacht stop”, that is taken aboard and carried around by some welcoming boat owner.

To rent a boat, simply go early in the morning at the docks.

And since you’re in the area, many suggest buying pizza from Pinuzzo (O’Palerimitano) Bakery… and there’s a reason for it!

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