Bellavista Estate: a glimpse over eternity

We left together with a couple friends of ours and our kids with high expectations: we wanted to find a magic place, just as in the pictures, a place where to spend our holidays together.

What can I say; once we were there we just stood, with no words, bewildered: what we were looking at was far beyond what we expected. Me, my wife and my kids were in the bigger dammuso; our friends in the one next to ours. Our days passed by with pleasant laziness: during the day we would go to the sea shore, in the afternoon we would have an aperitif under a shadowed terrace until dinner time.

Watching the sun go down over an infinite sea view gave us peace.

And it was great coming back home! Yes “home”, because we felt from the beginning like we wanted to move here. Our new stone built home was very special: we just felt from the beginning that we were protected, that kind of solidity that only a cheerful land and stone built walls can give: it makes you think you’re in a fortress.
Of course our dammuso and the one where our friends stayed were beautifully decorated, so perfect that we felt home even at thousands of kilometres away from our house.
You could reach the sea shore in only 5 minutes, which for a lazy person as I am was just fine. During the time we spent there, we rented two cars in order to loose ourselves into the colours and aromas of the island. A holiday in a dammuso gave to all of us a sense of regeneration. When my wife and I were back, we just thought that it was worth working throughout the year if you then make peace with the whole universe in such a gorgeous place.
A happy traveller

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