July, the perfect month for recreational fishing in Pantelleria

Mare calmo e temperature miti sono la condizione ideale per chi ama pescare in barca o in apnea

Summer is on, the temperatures are high and the water invites you to plunge into the thousand-shades of blue of the sea of Pantelleria. The perfect moment not only for diving but also to discover the rich seabed of the island and its abundance of fish: the high temperatures of the water, especially the one on top, brings many species of fishes and the amount of boats is not yet as high as in other times of the year. Those who love recreational fishing and diving won’t be disappointed then, wherever side of the island they choose to explore.

The element that connects each side of the island is the depth of the seabed: the average depth is 20mts, reaching 40mts in some places and even 80mts at the Faraglione of Punta Tracino. It’s a rocky seabed, made of volcanic eruptions, and with almost no sand at all- only nearby Scauri and at the South-East can be found. But is leaving the coast that the sea gives its best rewards: at 20 miles North of the port of Pantelleria you can find the so-called “barra”, better known as “banco di Pantelleria” (Pantelleria’s shoals). A sort of fault where to plunge and admire posidonias, starfishes, sea urchins and coral reefs and where to fish snappers, tunas and yellowtail fishes. Even at Murena Shoal, located 3o miles from Pantelleria, offers a great variety of species like cods, snappers and yellowtail fishes. Among the techniques to be used for fishing you have: bowline, trawl fishing and vertical jigging.

For those who prefer to remain in-shore, there are many places to explore and where to find the perfect catch: on the North-West, the seabed is full of octopuses, sea breams, mullets and medium size cods; from Scauri to Balata dei Turchi, the seabed becomes sandier and shallower, offering smaller fishes, and then becoming rockier reaching the South-East side. From Punta Li Marsi to Kattibuale, is a blaze of snappers, mullets and cods, that prefer a rocky environment. A real show of the nature that can be admired underwater and then tasted at your table after a long day fishing.

The meeting points in Pantelleria to go out fishing are in the Port of Pantelleria city Center, Scauri and Gadir; through Abitare Pantelleria you might also rent a boat for excursions and divings or to rent a dammuso near those locations.

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