A Natural holiday in Pantelleria: olives harvesting

Infinite shades of green characterize the landscape of Pantelleria: among them you have the one of the biancolilla olive tree, that - as the capers and grapes do- bends to the winds and grows low fly-by, with branches almost reaching the ground. Is in the typical terraces where the plant gives every two years its best fruits, somehow big, and from where to obtain a yellow and gold oil, considered to be a very fine oil for its low acidity and for its unique taste compared to the Sicilian ones.

And is exactly from October when the rhythm in Pantelleria is set by the ritual of the harvesting of the olives. Rigorously hand-picked, is one of the most important events of the year, where everybody participates, young and old people together: a moment in which the fatigue and the patient work mix together with the conviviality and the sharing of time.

A unique occasion to discover Pantelleria even during autumn and maybe to discover one the most typical aspects, the one that highlights the deep link of the inhabitants of the island with its hinterland, for sure a different approach at the unusual dimension that goes beyond a simple sea holiday. Its common to cross upon peasants while having a walk through the island and be invited at the harvesting and then at their table and have a countryside lunch together with their families. For sure a perfect way to live Pantelleria in touch wit nature and with its most typical traditions.

In order to enter the mood, the dammuso Natura e Mare offers the perfect solution: a structure with a strong personality and with a sea-view overlooking Scoglietti del Formaggio (Cheese Rocks), located in one of the less-polluted areas of Pantelleria and surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean forest.
The dammuso can host up to 4 people; it has two buildings and is characterized by a romantic and contemporary style , that perfectly mixes traditional decorations together with modern materials and solutions.

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