A silent universe, full of surprises

If you have the sea in your heart and you’re in love with the seabed, Pantelleria will leave you then breathless!

Seabed in Pantelleria is a beautiful world that has to be seen with respect and love, a silent world full of surprises:
Here you can find: newts, cods, baby moray eels, scorpion fishes, snappers, octopuses, pinna nobilis: There are many spots for diving: starting in Punta Li Marsi on the southern coast of the island, just near Martingana. The dive goes down following a wall and at 32mts it’s possible to see a mine dating back to the Second World War.

At Cala Levante you´ll find the “Panettone”, a big rock with a peculiar wall that gives home to many marine species: cods, baby moray eels and lobsters. And if you’re fond of archaeology you can’t miss Cala Gadir. You will find here, at 30mts depth, a very old Punic sunk vessel, a Roman anchor and lots of Punic and Roman amphorae dating II b.C. and II a.C.
At Arco dell’Elefante (Elephant Arch), the most notorious spot of the island, you can find seabreams, snappers and scorpion fishes.

We also would like to draw your attention to Campobello, 100mts away from the coast at the North-East. Pay attention while diving here: during some periods of the year you´ll have strong winds from the North and the South. The seabed reaches 40mts and here you can find: lobsters, cods and baby moray eels.
Then the unforgettable Punta Spadillo, with its dark rocks and clear sand, it’s home for many species: parrot fishes, cods, octopuses, baby moray eels, scorpion fishes, yellowtails, seabreams and lobsters.

For those who love strong emotions and hs experience, we would suggest a dive at Punta Rubasacchi at more than 40mts depth. The marine species found here are snappers, skipjacks and tuna.
And last, Punta Tracino, also an expert diving. You will find here a huge volcanic rock that reaches 35mts height above the sea level.

If diving is your passion, Pantelleria will steal your heart!

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