Carnaval in Pantelleria: the party is here

Winter in Pantelleria is only apparently resting: just after New Year’s Day and until Mardi Gras, the Carnaval is on. A big party where, for at least two months- but sometimes even more, the locals together with the 16 clubs of the contrade are involved. The 16 clubs are the protagonists of the Pantescan Carnaval, with dancing parties and the making of theme costumes. The entrance is usually reserved for the members and their guests; during the highlight nights, all the clubs chose a choreographic dance and theme costumes, that on the last two weeks are exposed in the clubs.

The main ingredient is the hospitality: usually, they offer a glass of wine upon entrance and in exchange, sweets and Carnaval chiacchere. Then the party begins, for adults and children, with live orchestras following the rhythm of tradition and old customs, like the one that only men invite women to dance. In the clubs usually the dancing is on for 4 or 5 hours, ending even at dawn having even some food all together. Finally, on Mardi Gras, the clubs of Pantelleria take the road, parading costumes and wagons; at the end, a price is given to the club with best costumes and the dancing is on until midnight.

Carnaval in Pantelleria is a unique occasion in order to discover one of the oldest and beautiful traditions, giving the chance to book a holiday with a festive atmosphere that runs through the contrade of the Pearl of the Mediterranean. A perfect place to enjoy the Pantescan Carnaval is Farkhikalà Estate, located in Sant’Anna, not far from Pantelleria city center: glamorous forniture, cure for the details and wide and functional spaces characterize the 3 dammusi Farkhikalà Palma (4 guests), Farkhikalà Carrubo (4 guests) e Farkhikalà Ulivo (2 guests), all of them can be rented individually or for exclusive use, for a total of 10 guests.

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