Pantelleria: a green holiday

May is an important month for the passing of the seasons in Pantelleria: the air gets warm as a prelude to the summer and the nature as well starts to show up by means of infinite buds of the capers wherever in the island.

Between dry walls and terraces, you will find the green color of the capers as a master element of Pantelleria: the cycle of the harvesting is continuous through the months of May to September, when capers bloom very 8-10 days and they have to be hand picked in the early hours of the morning in order to be prepared and conserved in the capers factories of the island. It has a beautiful fragrance, a dark green color, the smallest the tastier, the caper is one of the symbols of Pantelleria that has to be tasted to flavor the island.

It’s then turned into dips, pates and sauces, leading traditional dishes such as the caponata or the many fish-based recipes; the caper of Pantelleria is a great excuse to have a gourmet holiday, discovering one of the most important products of the island.

In order to plunge in a bucolic context, we have an offer for the dammuso Paradiso Verde, one of the most beautiful of the island and as a suggestive testimony of Mediterranean architecture. Located in contrada Rekhale, at the South West of Pantelleria, is a place where there’s a total harmony with nature, a unique atmosphere, where traditional decoration mixes with ultramodern elements.

The dammuso has two separate modules: one with a big kitchen with any sort of household appliances and a wide living room with a 14-seat table. The room has tremendous alcoves and in one of them you can find also a reading space with a big library and comfortable sofa chairs. The other module has 4 double bedrooms, one of them with a private living room and terrace, all of them decorated with antique forniture, ceiling fans, bathrooms with hair drier, an external living room with a 14-seat table and rattan chairs. Outside, you find the 70 square meters swimming pool and a hot tub, both of them decorated with antique ceramics, a wide solarium, a shadowed area with a table and chaise longues and the suggestive pantescan garden.

A perfect space to live a wonderful holiday and to enjoy from now the magic of it.

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