Autumn wellness Pantelleria

Autumn is here, with its dimmed light, warm colors, the romantic atmosphere and the slightly warm wind. A season full of charm, where anywhere has different shades of the foliage surprise, and that here in Pantelleria, black pearl of the Mediterranean, most of the flora is composed basically by Mediterranean forest, with capers and olive trees, always dominated by nature.

Autumn in Pantelleria is a sweet extension of the summer, and that thanks to the weather, it is still possible to have a holiday at the sea. As a matter of fact, the mild weather, allows you to discover the bays and the suggestive vistas, satisfying even the most sensitive to the cold: as a matter of fact, Pantelleria is a huge open air spa that gives the privilege to have the treatments for free: all the volcanic events have created thermal sources and caves with therapeutic effects, dry baths and salutary mud, all of them located in unpolluted places of the island.

A perfect match for wellness, relax and nature, to enjoy in the most famous places of Pantelleria. Let’s immagine a route: you might start al the Lake of Venus: the skin will become incredibly soft due to the mud and the thermal waters that come out from the extinct volcano; then continue towards the East, to the hot waters of Gadir, while at the South West, at Nikà and Sataria Cave you can cure arthritis, reuma and phlebitis thanks to the hot but pleasant waters. At the Benikulà Sauna, a natural heat will embrace you while having a breath-taking view of the Piana di Monastero and of the Mediterranean Sea.

For those who love wellness accommodation, an autumn holiday in Pantelleria is almost a must do: there are plenty of dammusi that Abitare Pantelleria has with special prices and unmissable offers. A perfect occasion for staying at dammuso Rekhale Antichi Ulivi, with a 15% discount during the whole October: an old building, probably dating back to the first half of the XIX century and where a perfect restoration was made. An example of class and elegance, located in Rekhale with a breath-taking view over the sea and the sunset. The property is surrounded by centuries old olive trees, where you can find large chillout areas and an elegant swimming pool. The property has two main buildings: the master one, with 4 double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a wide living room with a kitchen and outside you can find a barbecue and an oven to poco pizzas or any other traditional dish.

The second building, separated from the main one, has a bedroom and a bathroom and a beautiful pergola that shadows a private terrace. From the Dammuso Rekhale Antichi Ulivi you might easily reach Rekhale and Scauri where all the services are and it’s all a strategic place to reach the thermal waters along the coast and the Favare, a volcanic event.

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