The autumn in Pantelleria Tastes like Mushrooms

Autumn 2017 has begun and with it all the pleasant habits that characterise this season.The time of grape harvest has reach and end, the barrel has been opened and we can taste the new olive oil, November is the perfect month to go to pick up mushrooms, even in Pantelleria. At this time of the year, the colour of the island becomes green, a magnificent green that makes even more suggestive the contrast with the black lava stones, as a result of the first rains of the season and thanks to the fresh and pleasant climate, perfect for long walks through the numerous paths that go through the different districts- contrade- perched through the Montagna Grande and through the Monte Gibele.

Not only a sea inspired island but also a land inspired island: Pantelleria has unique features, that makes the island a perfect place even for a autumn holiday, in order to discover a wild and uncontaminated nature, able to give views far from the Mediterrean atmosphere that is usually bond to.

As a matter of fact, the collinear and mountainous areas of Pantelleria are still not known to the most but that underlines the multi- faceted features of the island as a multiplicity of incredible spots to be visited every time of the year.

Is not a case that each month and each season corresponds to a tradition: and it´s in autumn that picking up mushrooms becomes the main activity that involves old and young people in the under bushes of the island at the Montagna Grande and at Monte Gibele. A true paradise is waiting the most passionate visitors through the evergreen forests full of cluster-pine, Aleppo pines, holm-oak, strawberry-tree and myrtle, with different kind of mushrooms that grow in this extremely propitious microclimate. The continuous rebound between hot and humid air that comes from the sea with the cold from the high spots of the island it actually condenses in thick clouds that create a dense mist in the woods, creating the ideal environment for the growth of various species like mousseron, trumpet-shaped mushrooms, boletus, chanterelles and parasol mushrooms. All of them perfect to make a tasteful sauce for the pasta, to be served with meat based recipes or even as hors d’oeuvre dish: in Pantelleria autumn tastes like mushrooms.

Just a reminder: remember that in order not be fined is mandatory to request a regional permission (pass) to be able to pick them up.

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