What a lovely island: S. Valentine in Pantelleria

February in Pantelleria is a month rich in events and occasions to know better the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean in its winter version. Wils, sparkling, romantic: the island becomes passion, like its volcanic nature. A landscape to fall in love with and where to fall in love: what better occasion then to have some time for a romantic weekend or even few more days than S. Valentine?

Red roses, perfumes and chocolate: step out of the ordinary and indulge yourself the pleasure to discover Pantelleria in a very special time of the year, far from chaos and stress, dipping into a unique dimension, romantic and suggestive, with the privilege of living first hand the most authentic and less known features of the island, ranging from long walks through the paths in Montagna Grande to the walks along the coastline, falling in love with the charm of the sea during winter. Moreover, have a romantic dinner in one of the trattorie of Pantelleria, to flavor your holiday with local food, from appetizers to desserts- let’s not forget the unmissable Bacio Pantesco. All of it doused with the aroma of the Zibibbo and Moscato di Pantelleria, a perfect toast to celebrate S. Valentine.

But we won’t forget the absolute “must” while on holiday in Pantelleria: admire the amazing sunset on the western side of the island, with its multiple shades of orange, red and violet, finding the lights of the african coast, clearly visible at this time of the year due to the clean air of the winter. Last but not least, spoil your partner with a touch of wellness: how not to plunge into the warm and sulphuric waters of Nikà, go inside Sataria Caves or have a natural sauna with a view from the Benikulà Cave, from where you might also admire the Piana di Gihirlanda in all its beauty?

There is no doubt about it: always out of the ordinary, Pantelleria is for everyone, even for a holiday for S. Valentine. Whether single, together with your partner or just broken hearts, the island offers a solution for any love trouble!

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