Easter holidays in Pantelleria, a Pleasant Surprise

Smells like spring and even this year Easter and Easter Monday in 2018 will be on Sunday 1st of April and Monday 2nd of April. There are still three weeks to organize a weekend that can turn into a pleasant surprise as a first taste of the summer. With all the flights that connect Pantelleria with most of the Italian main airports, indulging yourself with a holiday on Easter is very easy, with the advantage that once you leave the aircraft you will plunge into tranquillity, wellness and the just awakening magnificent nature.

If one has to describe Pantelleria through its colors, we will be talking blue for the sky and the sea, black for the lava stones and all the shades of the green, each one of them describing a season. And spring is time to awake, shown by the shiny green of the capers that start to bloom and whose harvest starts by the end of May; the yellow color of the gorse, that gorgeously bloom though the paths of the island.

Easter in Pantelleria gives the possibility to reach those places that during hotter times of the years are more demanding to visit, like all the archeological sites scattered throughout the island, in order to retrace the ancient story of the Pearl of the Mediterranean: Mursia Village and the Necropolis of the Sesi, located between the city center and Scauri, bear witness of human presence since the Bronze Age or the remains of the temple dedicated to the goddess Tanit, the latin Venus, on the shores of the Lake of Venus. Even more: the roman acropolis on the hills of San Marco and Santa Teresa, an important testimony of the old Cossyra; Scauri Village and the Bizantine Graves in Zighidì and Giubbiuna.

Apart from history, Easter in Pantelleria gives a total immersion in nature: a perfect season in order to indulge yourself to long walks by foot or by bicycle, finding the best spots or to have a first bath in the hot waters of Gadir or Nikà, or just to pre-taste the summer atmosphere of the sunsets on the western side of the island.

A beginning of the spring in the sign of relax, with the pleasure of a regenerating holiday: having Easter in Pantelleria will be a great surprise.

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