Pantelleria shows off: the sound of silence

What is the sound in the absence of any noice? Probably the sound of peace and quiet, of nature and its elements that, finally, take over. But is it true that silence can make noise? Looks like an oxymoron, an unachievable contradiction, that instead materializes in the exclusive dimension of the atmosphere and landscapes of Pantelleria.

A sweet and bitter land, an extraordinary place with perfumes, atmosphere and colors that plunge into the heart that insinuate into the soul. The beauty of the island can be seen today through 60 pictures shown at Fondazione Cominelli di San Felice Benaco (BS) with the title of “Il Rumore del silenzio(the sound of silence), on until Sunday 17th of June. The plan is to make feel and taste the perfumes, share the silence, enjoy all the shades of the colors of the island.
“Each picture will drive you into this silent landscape, encrusted in its beautiful blue and green sea as to be fixed inside your soul”- says Dario Pace, artist and editor of this event together with Anna Ferrara.

The exhibition represents somehow his personal connection with the island, a gut bond: “ from the first day I’ve reached Pantelleria I had the feeling to be in a magic land, a unique shelter, where even today makes me loose into her nature and that makes me feel detached from routine. The ancestral architecture of the dammusi, with its dry walls and the farming of zibibbo grapes, capers and olives make this land a ongoing inspiration”

It’s trough the 60 black and white pictures, taken not only by the editor but also by Anna Huerta, Grazia Cucci, Guido Santini and Adrian Hamilton, that the spectator can see the printing techniques inspired by art- like printing sublimation with matt and shiny finishing- and communicate the intense emotions of the island, like wrapping its deep energy. “I don’t think there’s a better place to think about the moon”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez said, while on holiday in Pantelleria, in order to describe the magic and unpolluted nature that takes over the black lava stones.
The gallery opening for the “Rumore del Silenzio” is due on May 19th at 18:00; the show, with free entrance, will be on until the 17th of June on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 19:30.

More info: il rumore del silenzio

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