June: in Pantelleria, of course!

June has come and it’s only a matter of days: summer is officially here, ready to give life to a new, unforgettable season in Pantelleria. Even Nature gives its best. Let’s see how earth, sky and sea do it.

“Giugno la falce in pugno” (June the crescent in your hand), o “Giugno ciliegie a pugno” (June a handful of cherries)
The sixth month is a very important season in the island, where everything comes back to life, when the pantescan earth, lavish and only apparently hard soil, starts to give its fruits. In the wisdom of the popular sayings is where the abundance of Pantelleria becomes capers, in may the harvest starts, and the thousands of colors of the fields with the pantescan gardens full of flowers, the green shades of the vineyards, that will become the main character of the “eroic” harvest.

June, the sunny month
This is one of the names given to the sixth month of the year: as a matter of fact, the 21st of June is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. What a better occasion than this one to indulge yourself a weekend in Pantelleria sunbathing? Mild temperatures, more sun than the rest of the year: the sun tan lovers are advised.

Pantelleria, a whole new world!
Which one is your favorite planet, the one you connect to fortune and bad luck? Many of the planets can be seen in the sky of Pantelleria during June: a beautiful landscape that encourages sky&star watching.

Mercury can be seen at the end of the month to the West, lower than Venus and aligned with Castor and Pollux, the main stars of Gemini, one of the main constellations of this month. Venus can be seen in Gemini constellation, and then goest through Cancer and finishes in Leo. At the end of the month Mars will rise in the oriental horizon before midnight, while Jupiter can be seen for many weeks in the Libra constellation.
Finally, June is for sure the best time of the year to observe Saturn, in the South-East just before dawn. On the 27th of June you can watch the Full Moon just beside the planet with the rings around in a suggestive conjunction.

June in Pantelleria, a sea to love
In June the fishing season starts in Pantelleria, the water becomes warmer, specially on the surface, and many fishes come closer to shore. The most popular kinds of fish that inhabit the pantescan sea are octopus, mullet, sea bream and cod: a rich sea that cannot be missed. There’s plenty of everything: Pantelleria in June announces a great and unforgettable holiday.

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