Pantelleria, a fulfilled holiday

Time for holidays, time to look for flights and dammusi, and also time to look for events. Wether its only for the weekend or for a week, the island offers many events not to be missed, starting on July until September. Lets discover them

Starting on the 17th of July, at Cantina D’Ancona in Cimillia, the Association Orizzonti Panteschi organizes “Notturno Pantesco”. In the garden of Porton Blu of the Cantina "Il Paradiso degli Altri - Storie di cercatori di tempo in un’isola del Mediterraneo” by Nicola Ferrari will be shown. The movie is about the story of 8 people, different in age, nationality, sex and profession, that decide to move to the island, after a quick contact, giving life to a life-changing experience, showing the beautiful wild side of the island and its seasons. You might also book an aperitif before the show. The same night, at Circolo Trieste, the festival “Summer Concert Young” will be organized by the Student Committee. Free entrance.

On the 20th of July its time to look up to the sky and enjoy “Pantelleria on air: a kite laboratory”, a suggestive show that will take place from the 17th to the 19th of July form 9AM to 12 at the mediateca. The final event will take place at San Leonardo square and is organized by the association L’Isola Felice

Also on the 20th of July and for the whole weekend, one of the most awaited events will take place: the Trofeo Challenger “Francesco Valenza”, a ship’s boat regatta that, starting at 4:30pm, will entertain tourist and local people.

The pantescan ship’s boats are made by the only shipwright of the island, they are light and essential but most of all, very fast. This feature, very important in the past for the local people in order to reach Sicily fast to sell their goods at best prices, gives nowadays a boost to the event. Sunday 22nd of July, “Pantelleria Trail” will take place: starting at 8am the race is organized by SportAction, and its valid for the regional running championship on 10/ 21/ 50 Kms trails by Ecotrail Sicily and the route will be reaching Benikulà Caves, Sibà, Montagna Grande, Venus Lake and Cala Cinque Denti up to the Vulcanological Museum.

Sport again from the 21st until the 28th of July at the Cossyra Hotel in Mursia with "Quarantennale del Tennis a Pantelleria”, tennis tournament organized by ASD Deserto in collaboration with C. T. Pantelleria and that will also organize side events such as music concerts, visits to the cellars and archeological sites and “vintage tennis” exhibitions.

Room for art: on the 26th of July and organized by Unonovetre Liquid Art Gallery, the show “Legami” will be on until the 30th with the work of Michele Tangorra, Sergio e Teresa Cervo. A deep look into spiritual life, newsreel and dreams, knowing that you will never be the same person after a trip; a deep thought on nostalgia, usually a symbolic trip, focusing on changes, that removes or produces losses: life itself forces us to leave bits of ourselves on the way.

Finally, the 18th and the 19th of August, the evening event “Towards Nikà", sound, colors and voice performances will cover the issue of immigration and will take place along the walk in front of the hospital in the city center. The even is organized by Agon and by the Municipality.

With all these shows, events, movies and concerts, you will have fun at any age and for any taste: you can’t miss a holiday in Pantelleria


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