Pantelleria: a unique island from any point of view

Pantelleria is an island to be appreciated under any aspect and from any point of view, thanks to its breath-taking landscapes and enchanted spots that are, in the Mediterranean Sea, an almost unique example of the volcanic nature.
If a ride with a car, bike or bicycle is obvious ways to discover the suggestive spots of the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, you can choose a different way to be surprised by the island: many talk about the beauty and richness of the seabed of Pantelleria, a true paradise for those who love snorkelling; less often talk about the island from the top, a breath-taking perspective that emphasises the variety of landscapes and the many ways of living on this natural treasure trove.


In order to observe and admire Pantelleria from the top, the classic route is the one that goes through the national reserve of Montagna Grande, a walk that takes you to over 800mts height and that allows you to admire the island almost 360 degrees, a precious black and green shaded stone, encrusted into the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. But if relax mood is on, no problem: technology transforms itself into poetry and travelling stories and you will fall in love instantly with the Pantescan landscape. This is what has happened with the filming of Enrico Cartia, which paid tribute to Pantelleria with a video of more than two minutes, realised with a drone, with an amazing view over the vineyards, bays and seabed of an intense beauty.


Looking for another way to look at the island upside down? If you reach Pantelleria by plane, just stick your nose at the window to catch the details while landing or taking off, like the white colour of the roofs of the dammusi, the emerald colour of the Laghetto delle Ondine or the incredibly blue colour of the Scarpetta di Cenerentola and Venus Lake; the steam springs of the Favare, the boiling hot waters that crash into cooler currents and the flourishing green colour of the vineyards and Ghirlanda Plain.

There’s no doubt: from any angle and from any point of view, Pantelleria always manages to surprise and fill up hearts and eyes with wonder.

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