New Year, New Resolutions: PANTELLERIA is Waiting for You!

2020 has just started and like every new year, it's time to make some good resolutions and keep them! The ones we propose are naturally related to Pantelleria, and we are certain that putting them into practice will give a special touch to these 12 months. Let's look at the verb "partire" in its double meaning: to start off on the right foot and to choose new horizons and destinations. So, no excuses, it's time to think about a holiday in Pantelleria.

From the moment you set foot on it, Pantelleria instills a feeling of wellness thanks to its wonderful landscapes that give an immediate sense of peace to those who observe them. But it is especially some unmissable places that make the island a real natural SPA: the lake of Venus, where warm water and natural mud make the skin wonderful, cala Gadir, Sataria and Nikà, characterized by volcanic waters, and the Benikulà cave, perfect for saunas and dry baths. How can you say no to wellness at no cost?

If your idea for 2020 is to stay or get in shape, in Pantelleria there are numerous opportunities to do so. First of all, thanks to the sea: canoeing, windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming are just some of the activities that can be done comfortably from April until late October. But the island also gives its best on land: just think of the wonderful Montagna Grande that overlooks the Pantescan panorama to realize how the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean is also a paradise for lovers of trekking and biking, with long routes of varying levels of difficulty.

If an Italian synonym for relaxation had to be invented, it would certainly be Pantelleria. The island is in fact the perfect place to find oneself, a vast territory where nature is still the undisputed queen. Choose a secluded cove to sunbathe and read a good book, indulge in pleasant walks along paths and woods, admire the magical colors that only a Pantescan sunset can offer, make room for meditation under the cannizzo of a typical dammuso. Peace and silence will do the rest: it is impossible not to be involved in the regenerating atmospheres of Pantelleria.

A healthy cuisine, made of simple and exquisite dishes: the Pantelleria recipes undoubtedly reflect the territory in which they were born. The land, first of all, in the flavors of the fields, with unique ingredients for taste and quality such as the Pantelleria caper, up to traditional dishes such as sciakisciuka or bitter ravioli. And then the sea, which on the Pantelleria table finds its most typical expression in cous cous, or in the strong and pure flavor of sea urchins and clams. Last but not least, the Pantelleria kisses, mustazzola, sweet ravioli, cannateddri and pasticciotti, naturally accompanied by a good glass of Passito or Moscato di Pantelleria

The last good intention can only be the sum of the previous ones: treating yourself to a holiday in Pantelleria means finding your dimension and what it means for each of us to feel good and in harmony not only with ourselves but also with what surrounds us. Happy 2020 to everyone!

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