Pantelleria: there is always a first time!

Pantelleria seen through the eyes of Tommaso "Tommy" Pizzamiglio, an Italian director who is shooting the Belpaese to discover its hidden wonders; in each episode, a new destination to know.
Could the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean be missing in this "grand tour", scenery of a not indifferent first time? But let’s go with order.

Abitare Pantelleria, the dammuso main character of the video.

To accompany Tommy on his trip on the island, Abitare Pantelleria is also there: to make his experience even more unique, we opened the doors of Dammuso Zen, an incredible example of Pantescan architecture, perfectly integrated with the territory, but equipped with every possible comfort, from the infinity pool, to the outdoor kitchen but always habitable because protected from the wind and the rough weather, up to the indoor spa bath and the living room with video projector. Although the real show Tommy was able to admire was when we pulled the curtains and offered him, in all its magnificent beauty, the sight as far as the eye could see the sea, in the gently sloping hills of the countryside of Pantelleria.

The ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Let’s not forget that Pantelleria is an experience that involves all the senses, including taste. Impossible not to sit at the table together, savoring the simple goodness of a typical dish, like the bitter ravioli with fresh tomato and basil, accompanied by an excellent local wine, and feel all the scents and flavors of the Mediterranean at the first taste.

And here we are, Tommy’s first time. Could you believe that in 37 years he had never been able to eat fish? And here he is: sitting at the Nicchia Restaurant table, enjoying a delicious Sanpietro -scorpionfish- with potatoes and capers. Nothing strange, Pantelleria can always do a little magic in each of us!

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