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CIR: 19081014C211877
1 rooms 2 beds 1 bath

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The legend of the goddess Tanit narrates about her infatuation with Apollo, that made her climb on top of Mount Olympus and, pretending to be a cupbearer, replaced ambrosia with the must of the vineyards of Pantelleria. The trick succeeded and Apollo fell in love with her. Since then the island, thanks to Tanit, can boast of giving origin to a wine capable of replacing the nectar of the gods. The essence of Pantelleria is contained in the story: magical, heady, simply seductive. All atmospheres to relive in the Dammuso Tanit, a unique home for location and spaces, whose name - and not only - is inspired by the goddess of fertility, adored by all the peoples of the Mediterranean.

Composition of the Dammuso Tanit 
Love and Mediterranean Sea, just to summarise the experience that the dammuso gives to its guests: a beautiful house overhanging the sea, located near the beautiful bay of Campobello, a natural inlet on the eastern side of Pantelleria, where some small boats of local fishermen are sheltered, with a suggestive view that ranges from Cala Pozzolana to the lighthouse of Punta Spadillo.

The property has an extremely privileged location, not only for the view, but also for the proximity to the sea, reachable even by foot. Access to the dammuso is through a private driveway, which, after climbing a few steps, leads to the large terraces in front of the house: here, in the shade of the typical cannizzi, you can relax on the sofas that make up the elegant outdoor lounge, or dine outdoors in the dining area.

The dammuso can accommodate two people and is characterised by rooms with nice decorations, from the furniture to the colours. From the entrance there is direct access to the living room open to the master bedroom in the alcove and where there’s a French window that offers an incredible view of the sea. On the left side of the living room, there is a bathroom with shower, while to the right side there’s a passage that leads to the kitchen facing the outdoor dining terrace.

The sorroundings of Dammuso Tanit
All the parts of the house tell about the sea. At a short distance there are some of the most beautiful places of the east side of the island: from Cala Cinque Denti, sheltered from the sirocco wind and with crystal clear sea, to Gadir, with its natural hot water pools, the bays of Tramontana and Levante and the Elephant Arch. Going back, the sulphurous waters of the Lake of Venus are also within easy reach. Here also came to light the remains of a Punic, Hellenistic and Roman structure: it is a temple of the Ionic order, a sanctuary probably dedicated to the goddess Tanit.

The dammuso is also in a strategic position to easily reach supermarkets, bars and restaurants: Pantelleria Town is about 4kms away, while going in the opposite direction, Gadir also offers the opportunity to dine or take a drink in front of a breathtaking view.





  • hairdryer
  • satellite tv
  • Wi-Fi
  • air conditioning
  • dishwasher
  • oven
  • covered terrace
  • barbecue
  • private parking
  • bath towels


  • Utilities consumption
  • One way transfer
  • Weekly cleaning