The Island 2023: the Experience Festival returns to Pantelleria


The Island 2023: Experience Festival returns to Pantelleria

Music, nature, and wellness in a unique setting of beauty and atmosphere: after the success of the first edition, "The Island 2023" experience festival returns to Pantelleria, the perfect meeting point between nature and culture, in all its expressions.

The Island 2023: meet us in Pantelleria from June 1st to June 4th

The summer of 2023 opens with a long and engaging weekend from June 1st to June 4th, during which there will be concerts and DJ sets, boat parties, yoga and meditation classes, tastings, sunset aperitifs, and evenings with sought-after international line-ups. All of this is under the banner of sustainability and minimal environmental impact, as shown by the partnership with Plenitude, which will donate a micro wind turbine to the Municipality of Pantelleria this year.

Many experiences are planned in the Festival's program: from yoga and meditation sessions with the partner Hagu Yoga Studio, to excursions to picturesque places such as the natural sauna of Benikulà or the hot water pools in Gadir, to trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking, up to the 5 km run around Lake Venus. Not to mention the island's flavors, with the tasting experiences to discover typical products such as capers and passito and guided tours of some renowned wineries in Pantelleria.

But the main protagonist will be music, with incredible DJ sets on boats and at sunset, and above all, the presence of exceptional artists, including Della Palma, Palms Trax, Dj Tennis, Pitaya Sound System, Danilo Plessow (MCDE), Take it Easy Showcase (Bugsy, DJLMP, Dirty Channels), Riccardo Prosperi, Saoirse, and Young Marco, who will take turns every night in the magnificent natural setting of Zubebi.

"The Island": scheduled concerts

These are the artists scheduled for the three nights:

June 1st
  • Della Palma;
  • Palms Trax;
  • Dj Tennis.

June 2nd
  • Pitaya Sound System;
  • Danilo Plessow (MCDE);
  • Take it Easy Showcase (Bugsy, DJLMP, Dirty Channels).

June 3rd
  • Riccardo Prosperi;
  • Saoirse;
  • Young Marco.

The concerts will take place every evening starting from 10 pm.

The Island Festival 2023: daytime activities

Equally dense and engaging is the program of activities scheduled from morning until evening, which includes:
  • Mountain biking excursions;
  • Kayaking excursions;
  • Tasting experience: capers and local products;
  • Tasting experience: Passito wine;
  • Sauna Experience in the Benikul Caves;
  • Vulcanic mud at the Venus Lake;
  • Hot water pools in Gadir;
  • Boat Party by Plenitude (catamaran with DJ set during the aperitif);
  • Meditation sessions;
  • Vinyasa Yoga sessions;
  • Race at the Venus Lake;
  • Tastings at the Abraxas Winery.

A sustainable festival

The second edition of the festival will also be held under the sign of sustainability and respect for the environment: the partner will once again be Plenitude which, after last year's donation of a photovoltaic system that will remain active for 30 years, will gift the Municipality of Pantelleria a micro wind turbine this year.

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