Make yourself beautiful at the mirror lake (of Venus)

Apart from being an unforgettable landscape, the mirror lake of Venus in Pantelleria is a natural beauty farm.

Here you can sunbathe while putting on a mud mask that will transform you in a semi-god; there’s a legend that says that Venus ran to look at herself in the waters of this lake as in a mirror.

With just one glance at these waters you’ll realise how lucky you are to have the possibility to regenerate your body for free in this amazing scenario: a lunar landscape, bubbling mud and crystal clear waters.

During low season you can enjoy calm and tranquillity even more. During spring and autumn the lake becomes a vantage point for many bird species (bird-watching)

As Giuseppe D’Aietti- the author of “Il Libro di Pantelleria” (the book of Pantelleria) explains, the top is “to bath during full moon nights, maybe even listening to barn-owls in love that suddenly scream out”. (

In the South side of the lake there’s an emission of carbon dioxide coming from the crack of the ground called “la fossa della pernice” (the partridge hole). All the thermal sources are located in the South of the lake, with sulphurous hot waters and with a bed made of a black and green mud, rich in nutrients thanks to the deposits of seaweed, with its characteristic sulphur smell and precious nutritional benefits for the skin.

How to have silk-like skin:

  • Dip into the side where the eater boils for just few minutes;
  • Get out of the water collecting the mud underneath and rub it all over the body;
  • Let the mud dry while taking a walk and when is completely dry, jump into the lake to remove it
On the other side of the lake is possible to sunbathe or have “an ordinary” bath, and not really ordinary… just take a look at the colour of the water ….

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