A cultural holiday through history and nature

November, time to have a weekend out and discover the historical and natural beauties: this is why a short holiday before Christmas to Pantelleria can be the perfect excuse to know better the past and the history of the island, point of arrival and land of conquest for many civilisations: there are many archeological sites and findings that tell us, stone over stone, object by object, the life in Pantelleria since thousand years back.

First stop: the Age of Bronze, with Mursia Village and Sesi Necropolis, a stone made funeral structure (sese in Pantescan means stone), similar to the Sardinian nuraghi; then we jump few centuries to te shores of the Venus Lake, where you can find the remaining of a Sanctuary allegedly dedicated to the fertility of the waters and to the Goddess Tanit, the latin Venus. Same age for the acropolis, spread over the hills of S. Marco and S. Teresa, and then land at the 5th Century A.D., in the Village of Scauri, where ceramic production had an intense activity and in the Bizantine graves in the Plain of Ghirlanda. Finally, a jump to the 13th Century at the Barbican Castle, located in Pantelleria city center; it represents a fascinating outpost with a stunning view of the Sicily Channel.

A succesful conclusion for this mini cultural tour could be staying at the dammuso Sciuveki Tramonto, located in the western side of Pantelleria and at a short distance from Mursia Village and Pantelleria city center. The dammuso has been recently refurbished, it has two separate buildings and can host up to 4 people in a very refined but functional atmosphere. In the main building there’s a master double bedroom with a bathroom, a wonderful living room and a spacious and well- equipped kitchen. Outside you can find a barbecue and a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and the sunset, the essential elements not to be missed during your holiday in Pantelleria.

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