Spring in Pantelleria, in the sign of the Nature

The meteorological spring has already begun, and the "traditional" one is now just around the corner: in fact, we are just a few days away from the fateful 21st of March, the start of spring and a season in which sunny and beautiful days become more and more of a pleasant habit, making us forget the rigors of winter.

Spring in Pantelleria marks a majestic and unmissable awakening of nature, to be experienced day by day with the same rhythms as the surrounding landscape transforms: the broom that tinges the island yellow, the endless varieties of green with which vineyards and caper plants color the fields, alongside the typical Mediterranean scrub. It is time for the first warm days, for long walks in the countryside or even, on hotter days, for the first dips in the sea.

But it is especially on land that Pantelleria offers so much in spring, starting with the many excursions that can be made within the reserve, on mountain bikes, on foot or on horseback: over 100 km of forest trails, with paths suitable for every age or experience level, to discover the naturalistic and historical-cultural beauties of the island. The Montagna Grande reserve is also the perfect place to dedicate oneself to birdwatching in Pantelleria: many species of birds, such as the buzzard, the hoopoe, the black kite, and the kestrel, which in spring migrate from Africa and use the island as a stopping point, providing the sight of colorful and large flocks to admire in their flight towards Europe.

The Montagna Grande reserve in Pantelleria can be accessed from several trails and a good base is represented by the Passo del Vento dammuso, an authentic historic dammuso located above the Monastero valley, in one of the most fascinating areas of the island. If among the wonders of Pantelleria there is the perfect combination between sea and land, coast and hills, this panorama of grand beauty deserves to be admired precisely from this property. Composed of different living units and surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean garden, the Passo del Vento dammuso can accommodate up to 7-8 people in 4 rooms, including 3 doubles and one with a French bed. The main dammuso consists of a living area, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms with shower; inside the property, there are also the dammusini which house the other two double rooms, one with a French bed, a habitable kitchen and an additional bathroom with shower, with access from the outside.

Located a few minutes' drive from Scauri, the Passo del Vento dammuso is the ideal place to find tranquility and well-being in contact with the most authentic nature, making the spring vacation in Pantelleria even more special.

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