Falling stars: St Lawrence in Pantelleria

The chirping of the grasshoppers, the dark, sweet and mild air full of salt and Mediterranean scents and an amazing starry sky: it’s a summer night in Pantelleria, the perfect match for an unforgettable day on the island. Why not spending it relaxing, under a pleasantly bloomed gazebo, or over the roof of a dammuso, looking for a desire to express (and make it happen)?


This is what nights in August taste like in Pantelleria: a sip of passito looking upwards and let be enchanted by luminous streams of stars with mythical names, full of fantastic stories. Here are two of them: Cassiopeia and Perseids were the absolute actors of St Lawrence night, during which the starry vault gives the most beautiful show of the year. Is almost a must to have a glass of good passito or wine while looking for the falling stars: there are many wine producers that open their doors during the night of St Lawrence, which in some years marked the beginning of the harvesting under the moonlight.


With or without a glass, the 10th of August still remains the unmissable and unbelievably suggestive meeting: thanks to darkness that nature gives to the island, almost any dammuso in Pantelleria and any place can be used as a site. And let’s not forget that St Lawrence is just the end of a show that begins few days before and that goes on for few days afterwards. The Perseid meteor shower “causes” the falling stars and is indeed visible towards Perseus constellation already by the end of July and until nearly the 20th of August; on peak nights it’s possible to watch over ninety meteors each hour falling from the sky. A true rain of stars, with shades that range from white-yellow to the more sparkling green ones, to be watched from the North East, and to look for Cassiopeia, with its W-shape and to recognise Perseus constellation.

A natural show that gives even more magic to a holiday in Pantelleria: the island is an endless giver of amazing experiences for those who want to live them.

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